Redunis Engine

This is a read-only mirror of the engine's master node. It is Designed, Coded & hosted by Crypto Hackers. Big thanks to Gitlab and all folks for working with us to make this happen.

Engine : Master Node :

Before you build the chain, make sure you need one. Blockchain first axiom

Skills are now more valuable than money, we no longer invest our money in anybody before a long process of hiring and evaluation. Recommendations are no longer reliable as people can recommend unqualified candidates for the sake of friendship as it's free and it won't cost anyone anything, except for the hiring manager.

With redunis first project, recommendations will be a complex process that only qualified people will be involved in as it costs everyone both trust and skills points.

      |H\CHM| \CHM\
      |MH\H/   \CHM\
      |MH\      \CHM\
      \CHM\      \CHM\
       \CHM\    __|HM|
        \CHM\  /HH\.M|
         \CHM\ |MHH\.|
let's build the      |\CHMH|\CHM
        chain        |H\CHM/ \HM
                     |MH\H/   \H
                     |MH\      \